Key facts

Some of the world’s most successful and influential ICT companies have chosen Hampshire including IBM, Virgin Media, Sony and Motorola.

Case studies

Route to Success - Garmin
Research & Development Collaboration - Sony



Michelle McClean
Sector Growth Manager: Digital and High Growth

“Our location in Hampshire means that we are just minutes from two major motorways, a regional airport connecting us to Europe and one of the country's premier commercial ports. “

Clive Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager, Garmin


ICT and Digital Media

Some of the world’s most successful and influential ICT and digital companies have chosen Hampshire as their base including IBM, Virgin Media, Sony, Garmin, Motorola and Game Group PLC.  The concentration of employment in this sector is 50% above the national average.  Both the concentration of employment in computing and digital media is very high; in digital media alone there are over 18,300 employees.

Research excellence

The Southampton Solent University SFX Research Cluster brings together practice-theory based researchers from a range of areas such as animation, animatronics, computer video games, prosthetics and make-up effects, and visual effects.

The Interactive Media Cluster is a group of practice-based researchers from a range of disciplines and represents a commitment to integrating the potential of interactive technologies into both commercial and artistic projects.

Computing research at Solent covers search and optimisation using adaptive heuristics, data mining and its applications, quality management and pedagogy. 

The University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) laid the foundations for the internet and global telecommunications and the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing at the University is the only one of its kind in the UK.