“For over 70 years the company has benefited from its north Hampshire location which provides us with excellent transport connections and infrastructure. We also have access to many specialist skills necessary to operate in the technically demanding pharmaceutical industry”.

Thom Thorp, Head of UK External Affairs at Lilly UK and Company Limited

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Sectors Overview

Hampshire’s location, skills, research excellence, supply chains and assets lend themselves to the county’s diverse businesses. There is a strong advanced engineering and manufacturing presence in Hampshire, it is the location for several of the world’s global pharmaceutical companies and has strengths across a wide range of environmental technology sub-sectors. The county’s assets also ensure that tourism businesses thrive, land-based industries remain economically important and clusters of creative businesses are ever emerging.

There are a number of key sectors in which Hampshire is leading at a national and global level.


Employing more than 360,000 people and contributing £19 billion gross value added, the UK has the largest marine sector in Europe. The concentration of businesses in the marine sector in Hampshire is three times the national average and the concentration of employment in this sector in Hampshire is close to five times the national average.

Aerospace and Defence

The UK’s aerospace and defence industry is the largest in Europe with more than 20% market share. In Hampshire, it represents a high-growth sector with a concentration of employment that is double the national average, an outstanding cluster of world-class companies and some of the best research and development facilities globally.

Financial and Business Services

The sum of its proximity to London, lower office overheads than the capital and over 50,000 highly educated employees equals a thriving finance and professional services sector in Hampshire.

ICT and Digital

Some of the world’s most successful and influential ICT companies have chosen Hampshire as their base with a concentration of employment in this sector of 50% above the national average.

Distribution and Logistics

A county connected by sea, rail, road and air means that distribution and logistics is a key driver in Hampshire’s economy.