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Why the UK

The UK is one of the leading business locations in the world and offers world-class research facilities, a highly skilled workforce and an outstanding quality of life.

Reasons why businesses prefer the UK

A major domestic market and the perfect base to access markets worldwide
The UK’s open and internationally focused economy is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world and a proven gateway to the US. 

An unrivalled business environment
The UK is the best major location for ‘ease of doing business’ in Europe according to an independent assessment by the World Bank that considered a range of key commercial operating factors, such as setting up and running a business, labour regulations and obtaining finance.

An internationally competitive tax environment
The UK’s business-focused tax environment will become even more attractive over the next years.

A world-class skills base
The UK’s business-friendly labour regulations, combined with the skill, commitment and flexibility of the country’s workforce, are recognised as proven commercial assets by the thousands of international companies that have already invested in the UK.

A great quality of life
The UK provides a welcoming environment for international business executives and their families. With a diverse range of highly attractive housing options, a first-class health service, a world-renowned education system and a sporting and cultural heritage that is second to none, international executives relocating to the UK enjoy a superb quality of life.

A return on investment for the long term
Many thousands of international companies have already made the UK their preferred choice for their business investments. Each year, several companies also make repeat investments in the UK by adding facilities and recruiting more employees.