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One of the most desirable places to live in the UK, each year Hampshire is visited by 4.5 million staying visitors and a further 52 million-day visitors

Live and learn

Hampshire has an excellent mix of academies, private and state schools, high performing colleges and universities, providing top quality education to its pupils.


Located in the south of England, Hampshire has cities, coastline and countryside. Winchester was once the capital of England from the nineth to the eleventh century and continues to be of historic importance and home to Europe's largest cathedral

Hampshire also houses an area of outstanding natural beauty and two national parks, the North Wessex Downs to the north of the county and part of the South Downs National Park .  The  remarkable New Forest National Park  is in the south of the county.

The county’s borders stretch out to the sea, which means as well as the lush national parks, Hampshire is also gifted with a beautiful and vast coastline which has given the county an advantage for tourism on its beaches, and international trade for the strategically positioned ports of Southampton and Portsmouth . Southampton’s port is famed for being the largest turnaround cruise port in Europe and handles most of the country’s cargo whilst Portsmouth supplies the county with access to France and Spain with frequent channel crossings provided by Britanny Ferries.

To add to the diversity of the county Hampshire is also home to the major cities of Portsmouth and Southampton – which are thriving locations for businesses with a prestigious register of world renowned companies that have already settled there. 

Most companies based in Hampshire specialise and thrive in the county’s five strongest sectors; Marine, aerospace & defencefinancial & BusinessICT & digital media and Distribution and Logistics.

To compliment the vigorous growth and success of businesses, Hampshire accommodates the Universities of SouthamptonSouthampton SolentWinchester and Portsmouth – which are teeming with students ready to be part of the future workforce.

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