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Sustainable energy fuels job creation in Andover

As part of their £50m UK expansion programme, Los Angeles based group, Arensis opened the new facility after a complete renovation of a business site on the West Portway Industrial Estate.

Arensis is recognised internationally as one of the fastest growing decentralised energy providers in the world, deploying more than 200 units in 11 countries including the US, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Japan and the UK. They are now the second largest producer of wood pellets in the UK.

James Little, Head of Sales for Arensis said:

“We needed a purpose-built facility centrally located within a thriving business and local community. We’re delighted to have renovated the site at West Portway and created such a high-quality laboratory and new employment opportunities; the site prides itself as setting new standards in the industry with a "carbon lean and cost effective" model.

“We need fresh people that have fresh training and ideas. From large companies to small, Hampshire’s renewable energy and clean tech sectors demonstrate innovation, resilience, and adaptability year-on-year.

“The Andover facility will allow us to expand our geographic reach and services to key strategic clients and allow us to build on a successful period of strong and consistent growth.

“The culmination of putting together the right partners, the right team and the right technology has set us up on a production path for success in the UK and continued growth globally.”