Developing mobile first, innovative technology in Southampton with Benefex

Benefex launched in Southampton in 2003 on the basis of a single ideal: Nobody goes to work to do a bad job. 13 years later, Benefex have developed industry-leading reward and benefits technology, allowing some of the country’s largest employers to offer their employees unbeatable reward and benefits schemes, all via one, easy-to-use, mobile-first platform.

Benefex began with CEO and Founder, Matt Macri-Waller. At just 23, he saw an opportunity to provide a much greater range of benefits to organisations of all sizes. The company progressed at a rapid pace, eventually outgrowing its offices by the Town Quay in 2012. That’s when the business moved across town to Grosvenor Square, to cater for its now 170-strong team.

What started out as a consultancy service in the employee benefits industry is now a full-blown tech company. The product and development experts at Benefex have developed an innovative, flexible employee benefits software, alleviating administrative pressures for HR departments, while providing a familiar, easy-to-use platform for employees to view their benefits.

Being based in such a prolific University town, the HR team at Benefex actively look out for fresh new talent, offering many graduates their first professional opportunity. The organisation prides itself on its culture, firmly believing that happy and engaged staff are productive staff. Benefex’s cultural cornerstones encourage teamwork, innovation, and passion and pride in the work you produce.

Why does Southampton work so well for them? Well, not only is it a great, lively University city, offering plenty of perfect spots for social events, a great deal of tourism, and (mostly) blue skies; it’s also incredibly well-connected. Benefexers travel to Southampton from Dorset, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and even Cardiff! It also means that the Benefex team can easily travel around the country to take care of, and build on their impressive client portfolio, including many household names, such as M&S, EDF, Philips, BT, and E.ON, to name just a few! And, being just an hour and a bit away from London always helps.